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Crown vic misfire

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09 crown vic misfire cyl #8. My 09 ex-opp cvpi just gave me a po308 code. I took it to a shop for safetying reasons because of an ownership change. Buddy used his fancy scanner to see that there has been a previous overheat code. I was hoping the po308 was a simple spark plug issue, but he seems to think that the cylinder head is cracked from.

The 2007 Ford Crown Victoria has 1 problems reported for misfire. Average repair cost is $30 at 156,000 miles.

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2010 Ford Crown Victoria Sensor Locations and Mercury Grand Marquis Sensor Locations. Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Under left side of dash. A/C Pressure Transducer Sensor On right side center of engine. Air Suspension Height Sensor Under rear of vehicle, attached to control arm.

I have a 1996 crown vic i need to know these touble codes po305 po304. P0304 means that cylinder 4 has a misfire and P0305 is a cylinder 5 misfire. What this means is you may have bad spark plugs, or bad plug wires, or you may need to replace your distributor cap and rotor. I would start with plugs and wires.

The FIXD wireless OBD2 scanner and free app for iPhone and Android translates your check engine light into plain English so you can rest easy. In this video,.

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